Festival Printing Teams Up With Our Community Initiative PickWaste

This blog post is brought you from pickwaste.ca.

"This past week lots of new things have developed in terms of the PickWaste movement. We have finally gotten our professional email addresses, which had been huge. As well, just this morning we met with Everton, the CEO of festival printing. He has agreed to supply us with free t-shirts because he has recognized the immense value in our movement. Going forward he will be our go to company to provide us with any apparel to help spread awareness of the movement.

 It is amazing to see what we can accomplish when we link arms with other people in the community. I hope more small businesses can come together so we can really make a change. Pickering is our common home and PickWaste is going to make it spotless now, and for our future generations.

If you’re interesting in any printing services please check out Evertons page over at Festival printing  or on his Instagram page @festivalprinting "